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Soup is more than just soup. It’s a bowl full of warmth - creamy or lighter - served with a smile. It’s a universe of flavours to discover:the slow cooked goulash with sour cream, a spicy coconut soup with chicken, sprouts and coriander, a fresh green pea soup with mint and a spoonful of yogurt…

Simple and fresh
Made in the Nordics, with inspiration from all over the world, we believe soup is the perfect meal when wanting something fast yet well cooked. Not too heavy, yet satisfying. Lots of greens, but also choices with sea food, chicken or meat. Simple & fresh – never boring.

Week (23}  

Monday 5.6

Rich tomato soup, chickpeas & rocket

Rich lamb soup & curry

Creamy salmon soup, scallion & dill


Tuesday 6.6

Smooth sweet potato soup, feta & hazelnut

Traditional meat soup & parsley

Creamy salmon soup, scallion & dill


Wednesday 7.6

Smooth black salsify-parsnip soup & blue cheese

Italian chicken-bean soup & aioli

Rich salmon seljanka soup, olives & sour cream


Thursday 8.6

Spiced chili sin carne soup & salsa verde

Rich chicken soup & blue cheese

Creamy salmon soup, scallion & dill


Friday 9.6

Smooth potato-cauliflower soup “massamancurry”

Spiced pulled pork soup & avocado yoghurt

House Bouillabaisse: salmon – shellfish soup & aioli


Saturday 10.6

Smooth Jerusalem artichoke soup & apple salad

Aromatic chicken soup, mango & coriander yoghurt

House Bouillabaisse: salmon – shellfish soup & aioli


Vegetable soups 11,30€

Meat- and chicken soups 12,95€

Fish soups 13,95€

We only use meat and fish from Finland 

Take Away

Soup is a perfect take away lunch. We pack the soup in a tight package and all the sides in separate packages. The soup stays warm all the way home. Ww also give you our bread and the legendary herb oil to go.


Hakaniemen kauppahalli Order here 

Vanha Kauppahalli Order here

Foodora Order here

You can also call us, and we will pack your soup ready. Press contacts, and you can find your closest SOUP+MORE restaurant.

Our Restaurants

Warmth & Comfort
Our restaurants are welcoming places where you can be yourself and feel at home. A sanctuary from stress and must-dos. Choose between several soups of the day. Take a break on your own or bring your friends. Sit down or grab and go. Love it, and come back to re-live it. But never expect the same soup, just the same experience: tasty soup with a twist.”

SOUP+MORE Vanha Kauppahalli 

Vanha Kauppahalli
Eteläranta 1
00130 Helsinki

Mon-Sat 11-16:00 Lunch
Sun Closed


SOUP+MORE Hakaniemen Kauppahalli 

Hakaniemen Kauppahalli
Hämeentie 1A,
00530 Helsinki

Mon-Sat 11-16:00 Lunch
Sun Closed